Important (Covid-19) information;

We have spread our tables more widely over the property. You can seat yourself in a save distance from other visitors. On our terrace, down by the lake or even in our barn.

Only ONE group comes in the cafe at the same time to order and pay. We bring the order to you.

We don't have tables available inside. Therefore we might be closed with bad weather.

These are extra precautions we are taking for everybody's safety and health.

Ålshults Handelsbod AB

Ålshult 12

362 96 Ryd

info@alshult.se / +46 459 - 79 55 99

Opening hours
Unfortunately we are not able to follow our usual openinghours due to Covid-19.
We hope to be able to see you more often soon again!

September - Oktober 2020

saturday      10.00 - 16.00

sunday         10.00 - 16.00