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The Vikings play a big role in Scandinavian history. Also in Ålshult. The surrounding area still has traces to be found from the vikings everyday life. Still today archeologists continuously find new evidence about how the Vikings used to live and their fascinating culture, in this very area.

Every year there is a group of historical re enactors visiting Ålshult. They put up their camp and show how the vikings used to live, eat, sleep and fight.

There are shows, and a viking school for the younger ones. They show how vikings used to make their clothes and how they dressed.

In Ålshult we are planning on building an imitation of an original viking village.

On the land behind de the café we have started grubbing up the land. We will start by making a fire place. And during the years to come, try to rebuild a village as historically accurate as we possibly can.

If you are interested, you can follow the process here on the website, on facebook and Instagram.

It is even possible to get involved in the project, come help us build a bit!

If you are interested in this, please do not hesitate to contact us.